Build smarter.
Engage more.

Empower your employees and business with AI-driven insights across your entire low-code/no-code landscape.

your people are building powerful   automations,
and you are not even aware!

brings visibility to your digital ecosystem

We help organizations maximize the benefits of low-code/no-code platforms, not only by automating governance but also empowering the real creators behind these solutions.


Seamlessly integrating with existing low-code/no-codeplatforms to create a central repository of all automations.

API Connections
Metadata Collection
Automated Checks


Delivers targeted business insights to assist companies in managing and optimizing the application development landscape.

Duplicate Detection
Usage Tracking
Workflow Optimization


A real-time guide to your applications,  generating insights into app usability and providing data-driven recommendations.

Automate Documentation
Save Time
Increase Efficiency

NEKOD is specifically designed to connect people, tools and processes.

NEKOD streamlines decision-making and boosts operational efficiency through automated data & documentation, ensuring business continuity, while fostering a collaborative and innovative environment.
The only automation management platform with smart analytics, strategic oversight, and collaborative space.

Real-time insights

Gain insights with real-time data analysis
Automatic documentation for each solution
Monitoring and usage on real time

Customized Governance

Implement customized controls
Get notified on your custom triggers
Take actions based on your own rules

Collaboration Hub

Connect with creators from multiple platforms
Share knowledge and best practices
Re-use solutions to save time and effort
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We're not only optimizing processes; we're unlocking human potential!

“Our vision is to revolutionize not only the management of low-code/no-code platforms but to empower the innovators behind them. We aim to transform the way organizations approach application development, enabling every team member to contribute effectively, learn continuously, and drive meaningful progress.”

Antigoni Kourou

Founder & CEO
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